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"How can I gain a comprehensive road map for rigging props and clothes for DAZ Studio, so I can be a successful published artist?"

The hardest aspect of content creation is how to rig a prop or clothing item and is elusive to many artists (we've been asked about this many times).

If you are an existing content creator, you may have hit a growth ceiling because of rigging and you aren't sure how to break through in order to produce that next level quality content.

You may feel stuck and have that need to shake things up.

Perhaps you could benefit from a trusted road map for rigging DAZ Studio content? Imagine being exposed to shortcuts that would speed up your production and save you time?

We have just introduced the DAZ Studio Rigging Library and Forum where you can learn in depth how to rig 3D models for DAZ Studio content production.

We believe it is the most comprehensive resource available for learning how to rig DAZ Studio content.

This product/service includes:-

  • Over 25 hours of video content by Esha, one of the most respected and well known vendors at the DAZ 3D store.
  • A PDF cheat sheet guide : designed to speed up your workflow
  • Lara-croft styled prop and clothing ready to rig
  • Two meetings with Esha during the course.
  • The library has the content in 12 sections with time indexed topics.
  • The self study program allows you to tick off each section for progress
  • A private forum is included with over 3400 posts of artists who have already completed the course.

The forum is a huge searchable resource of questions, answers, examples and downloadable content.

We're running an introductory 10% discount on this new library and forum until this Sunday 7th Feb. Use the button below for more details and you can use "rigging10" for the discount code at checkout.

If you have any questions on this unique resource, please get in touch.

In the meantime, stay safe and creative!

Paul Bussey

Digital Art Live

Gadget prop for rigging course

Part of the Adventure Chest Prop by Esha